Recording problems in SfB?


Hey folks, I'm wondering if any others have seen/experienced recording problems?


We've had some users experience odd recording behavior including recordings capturing video feeds inconsistently,  recording manager not processing recordings or (falsely) reporting that the computer lacks necessary space to store the recording file.


Any info is appreciated,

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Unfortunately recording of meetings using the client relies on the streams being captured locally to the client and cached on disk, then rendered after the meeting.


If your recording client suffers poor quality throughout the meeting, this will be reflected in the recording file. 


I had an issue with my W10 client a while ago where it would fail to render the video for no reason. It eventually fixed itself after an update to the OS. So maybe updating your OS and Skype client may help a little towards your problems.


IMO the recording feature could be better, especially with video quality. If Microsoft bring out cloud recording for conferences then this will mitigate and solve a lot of these problems. Hopefully soon! Please :)

Hi, One of our users noticed that in order to record a session, the computer (recording the session) needs to be plugged in (power) ... for a desktop computer, no issue, but a laptop is not always connected.