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Bikash Maharjan
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It was very disappointing to learn that SfB won't record audio conversation on virtual machines. Is there any plan/roadmap to allow customers using virtual machines like VMware record audio conversation?

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Can you start a audio conversation in Skype running on an virtual machine but you can't record it? Can you record when you are signed in with the same user account to another non-virtual machine?


Correct, the usb headset or built in device mic/speaker appears on skype and virtual machine and users can start audio conversation but when you record, it only records presentation (if there is screen share or PowerPoint) but no audio. I have test this on many devices and got same result. I have also found documentation both on VMware and MS confirming the limitation https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-7/7.6/horizon-remote-desktop-features/GUID-ABE8ACEE-02DE-4...


It looks like though, Teams now has cloud recording which works on both virtual and physical machines.


I had to test this in a virtual machine but I were able to record sound in that meeting, but in my case the virtual machine was running in Hyper-V and not in VMWare, so change to Hyper-V :-). No, but as you write Teams with cloud recording is the way to go for you if you need recording or if you want to use Skype for Business you need to install a third party recorder like Verba or Audiocodes SmartTap, but that might be to complex for your needs.


Using Teams instead of SfB because Teams use cloud recording and it work regardless of client machine type.

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