Recording and Questions: SfB Broadcast: Avoid 5 Skype for Business Deployment Pitfalls


Hi all,


The recording of my Skype Broadcast with @Delanda Coleman is now up on Youtube. I'd be interested in your thoughts and questions.



Here are some questions we got during the show:

Question: Can you remind us where we can get the S4B metrics again?

Sure, there are quite a few places to get these. For SfB Server, the best place is SQL Reporting Services (SSRS) with you Monitoring Reports.


In SfB Online they are spread across a few places on the tenant, I've done an overview blog post here:


Question: Why should we use Skype for Business Online and Teams instead of Fuze and Slack? 

Interesting question. A lot of this will come down to your specific scenario and business requirements, but some thoughts on why Office 365/Teams/SfBO might be a good fit:


  • Security model is consistent across Office 365
  • One Identity and licencing model
  • Increasing integration/interop between SfBO and Teams
  • Nice mobile client experiences


Question: What does a network assessment typically look like 

Skype Operations Framework (SOF) has a great overview of what a network assessment should look like, check it out here:


For Modality Systems Network Assessment approach, you can find out more here:


Question: How can I deal with configuration drift (diagnostics/reporting)

This is a good question, the best thing is to keep an eye on the reporting to make sure your performance is not changing. If you are looking at third party product options, anything that continuously tests the network/ports or service is great. Modality Systems have a Diagnostics Service offering where we have test nodes continuously make Skype for Business calls and test the service site to site, end to end, internally and externally. For more details check out the blog post here:


Question: Will there by snacks on this flight?

Strictly virtual snacks on Skype Broadcast :)


Got more questions or thoughts? Please reply to the thread and I'll do my best to answer them.





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Great podcast. Also very nice to connect at MS Ignite 2017!