Query on Multiple CCE Appliances and HA per site


Dear all,


Got a list of queries that I had difficulties finding the answer, hope someone can help.

Thank you.


Q1.  Is instance change to applicance after CCE version 1.3.8?


Q2.  To create more than 1 CCE appliances for one pstn site, do you repeat "Register-CcAppliance" and "Install-CcAppliance" steps?


Q3.  To create a HA applicance, use "Register-CcAppliance", "Publish-CcAppliance" and "Install-CcAppliance" steps.  Any O365 SFB online powershell command to know which appliance is HA?


Q4.  How does a HA appliance knows it need to replace a "failed" appliance?  I also not sure how the "failed" appliance is detected.


Q5.  Does 0365 SFB online server automatically stop sending request to this "failed" appliance?  This HA failover is transparent to the customer?


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