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This week we had a meeting with our phone company.

Since we still have an on premise pbx we want to get rid of this.


We have 5 sites Belgium /France /Uk /US.


We want all this sites on cloud pbx with SFB or Teams.


Now the phone company tells us we cannot get numbers From Microsoft.

Ofcource if we would take E5 we wouldn need them anymore.



So what i would like to know.


- can we get pstn numbers in Belgium and phone in and out ?

- Do we still need an on prem lync or sfb server or some gateway ? 


when i look at this page it should be possible .














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Hi David,

Belgium is also active on Microsoft Phone System (old name: Cloud PBX)
Country's who have porting features now:
- US
- UK
- Belgium
- France
- Netherlands
- Ireland
- Porto Rico
- Spain

You don't need to have E5 for PSTN Calling. If you have for example E3 (can also be done with E1), you need to buy the Phone System license and a calling plan (domestic or domestic+international). A calling plan you also need to buy when you have E5, in the E5 license the Phone system license is included.

If you need a on-premises environment is totally depending on your Phone feature needs. 



Thanks for the quick reply.


So i i understand correct we can transfer our numbers to Microsoft ?


Can i get some more info on the last sentence you wrote ?

Like what can we do without onprem server and what is extra when we put a server on site ? 






Yes, you can port your numbers to Microsoft.


I've a small comparison table, which is listing features. The right column is Skype for Business On-premises.


Hi Erwin 



Is there somewhere a full feature comparisation with sfb online and Hybrid ?





Hi David,


Some issues I ran into. migrating a customer in NL and FR)

- Every Users needs a number (besides Phone System and Domestic Calling Plan subscription) to make phone calls.

- CallingLineIdentity (suppress the outgoing number) policy is not working on al Carriers (tested in FR and NL)

-Permium numbers (numbers you have to pay for extra) are not reachable (stil in the progress of getting this active)


Besides this issues it works fine.

Hi Marcel


Thanks for the reply.


So here we have like 20 phone numbers for 100 ppl.

What you are saying with sfbo we need 100 numbers ?


Its hard to find ppl in Europe with experience especially since its changing so fast.

If you see blog posts of ppl next week its not acurate anymore...









- If you want a Agent on a Call Queue that does not need to call outside you don't need a calling plan. Only Enterprise Voice needs to be activated to the user.
- Did not test this, will try this out.
- For Premium number you will have to setup consumption billing.
Not that i know of, that's why i created the attached one on my last response.

Ok thanks.


Did you guys work with a partner to go into details ?

Cause i have the feeling that when you talk to some partners im more uptodate then they are.

It would be great to have a partner who could give us advice for al our sites so we can consolidate as much as possible.






- You can only receive not make calls, if you don't have a number. So 100 ppl means 100 numbers. You can request them at MS...
- I have a case running at MS for this, they acknowledge the issue but I have to call all Carriers in the world to fix this issue.
- No I have consumption billing assigned to all my users, is not working. Look at: This is to inform you that I have done some additional research on the issue you experience and believe to have found the reason for yo not to be able to place calls to , and according to our PSTN Tax Rate and Use Terms “The Calling service does not enable calls to be made to phone numbers, whether 10-digit numbers or short codes, that result in an additional charge being assessed on the calling party (either directly or indirectly) by the called party (often referred to as “premium rate” numbers).”:
I have migrated a customer with 20 numbers and a 100 ppl making phone calls. The 20 numbers are assigned Service numbers, for the 100 users I request a new block at MS... they are very quick with that.
we are a tier1 partner ;)
I'm also working for a 1-Tier partner (Cloud Solution Provider)

So do we still need to go for SFB or is teams the better choice.

Thats also a question thats haunting me.





SFB will be Teams in O365 very soon...

Hi Marcel


i know.

But what is soon SFB doesnt have all featured needed yet.

So i think they are limited with the SFB backend.

And that they can make extra features in teams since that is on a new backend.

So again a hard decision to make or not ? 




Skype for Business Online isn't completly going into Teams (on a short term), you can still run side-by-side.