Polycom VVX freezing after latest update from MS



We are using PBX cloud for telephony, In past couple of weeks Microsoft pushed out an update for Polycom VVX phones to software version number:

Unfortunately this update has a flaw which causes some phones to randomly freeze and then having to be hard rebooted.

Polycom have a support article up about this (Article number 34622) with the solution to upgrade the phone software to version 5.7.2 and from what i have seen this fixes the issue on affected phones.

Deploying this manually is not really practical with nearly 200 phones and setting up an FTP server to deploy software kind of goes against the point of a cloud based solution.

Are there any plans to push 5.7.2 out as an update (Or any update to correct this?)

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An update for this:

S4B support have asked me to reach out to Polycom and ask them to talk with Microsoft to get an update pushed out.    ...sigh...