Polycom Skype Room System and sharing desktop quality

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I do have a Polycom's device and that seems to work basically. But now some user complained the bad quality when they are connecting their own laptop by the HDMI to the SRS. And yes, I tested, it was awful.


Has any of you troubleshooting similar issue? This could be a problem in incompatible refresh rates between Polycom SRS and monitor. But as the general view looks great, it is strange why sharing the HDMI does not work. If the main views were also poor I could complains the cables etc.. but if they are good, then generally it should be fine.


I do have also Logitech's version from that and there I do not have that problem.


I also switched the screens on the SRS config to see if the problem follow or not, but yes, it was the same problem on another screen.

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