Paired Pools and Simple URLs

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Does anyone know of any guidance regarding Skype paired pools and Simple URLs.  Is it a requirement to setup per-site URLs (internal and external) or is there any support for load-balanced fqdns across both sites?


My scenario is:

Lync in Site A

Skype being deployed as a pair between Site A and B

URLs are currently set at the defaults, meet, admin, dial-in pointed to the Lync servers via Load-balancer.


Any help appreciated.



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Simple URLs can be load balanced across pools, I typically use Geo-load balancing across sites and use rules to direct users to the closer site.


Meet, Dialin, Lyncdiscover, lyncadmin, scheduler can hit any FE Pool, but if the client hits the wrong pool (Not where they are homed or the conference location) the web services FQDN (internal / external) will be used to direct the client to the correct pool. Web services FQDNs can not be load balanced across pools and must match 1:1 to the pool defined in the Topology.