Online Auto Attendant Multiple LineURIs

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Hi All,


Working on a SfB Online Auto Attendant to aggregate multiple main numbers into a single auto attendant for ease of administration.  I'd like to maintain this within a single auto attendant rather then create 20 identical auto attendants to support the 20+ regional main numbers this organization has.


From the control panel you can only assign a single phone number, however via PowerShell the naming convention would lead me to believe I can assign multiple LineURIs to the Auto Attendant because the parameter is named "LineURIs" and all the docs articles elude to LineURIs plural as well.  Hoping it's not just a typo because this would be extremely convenient.


However I can't figure out the proper Powershell syntax to add multiple LineURIs to an organizational auto attendant.


The numbers I am trying to add are all ported too and owned by Microsoft.


Anyone have success doing this or can confirm it is not supported for SfB Online Auto Attendants?


Thanks in advance.

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