Official Skype4B support on Windows Server 2016

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In the lastest CU5 i read that there is a fixc for front-end service crash on server 2016.

But I can't find any MS documentation that clearly states that Windows server 2016 is supported.

The Links on other posts on this subject point to a 404 not found page.


Someone on Twitter mentiopned it was supported from CU5 but cant find any documentation to back this up.


So...Does anyone know if Windows Server 2016 is officially supported for Skype4B?

If someone have a url to a MS page that annouces thsi I would greatly appreciate it.

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Hi Kjetil,

In first case MSFT had a note on technet that server 2016 was supported after releasing CU5.
After releasing CU5 there was a support page announcing 2016 support for Skype4b. Page is removed and there is no timeframe announced from MSFT for support of server 2016. Think we will need to wait.

Windows Server 2016 is not supported as an operating system in Skype for Business Server 2015, the article that mentioned support was published prematurely and was pulled.  


See this post about the CU5 release and a comment from Microsoft saying they will announce support via the blog as soon as Windows Server 2016 is supported.

As of today Windows Server 2016 support for Skype for Business Server 2015 is here! It's now official CU5 supports Windows Server 2016:


"We are happy to announce that Skype for Business Server 2015 is supported to run on Windows Server 2016 - if you have the May 2017 update (aka CU5) for Skype for Business Server installed."