Next Skype for Business Broadcast: 8/18/17 - 3 Ways to bring your existing VTC into a modern meeting


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Title: 3 ways to bring your existing VTC into a modern meeting


Abstract: Join @Delanda Coleman, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for Skype for Business and guest @Eddie Clifton, VP of strategic partnerships at Pexip as they discuss 3 ways to bring your existing VTC investments to Skype for Business on premises.  Organizations want to embrace the digital transformation and improve their collaborations tools but have existing investments in video teleconferencing systems that can still be leveraged.  Join Eddie and Delanda as they discuss the challenges of managing a mixed environment and how Pexip and their new video interoperability solution, Infinity Fusion, can help you join your existing VTCs with a native Skype for Business experience.



@Delanda Coleman - Sr. Product Marketing Manager | Skype for Business

@Eddie Clifton - VP of Strategic Partnerships | Pexip




When: Friday, August 18, 2017 @ 9am Pacific Time

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