New Skype for Business on Mac (Insider) build is available forApril 2017 with #1 requested feature


Hey everyone - normally you hear from me when we release a GA version of the Mac client. However, the asks for File Transfer during chats has been very high - I would rate this as our #1 ask at this time. So I am happy to announce that an insider fast build with the beta of file transfer is NOW available!


I can tell you that I am testing here internally with this build - pinging my long suffering colleagues here at Microsoft with file transfers :)


Remember - Insider Fast builds are for those who are willing to test early - you can expect that you might run into bugs, etc. If that does not scare you away - you should read Richard's blog on how to get on Insider builds.




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Hi Paul


What version SFB for Mac is this on? I have downloaded version 16.6.315 is this the correct version to get this feature?



I'm not Paul, but yes this is the correct version. But keep in mind that this only works for O365 users at the moment.




Hi Jörg

Ah ok we are gradually going over to Office 365. 

Thanks for Replying :)

I just upgraded to 16.6.315 (latest insider fast version) but still didn't see this feature available.

Me neither and this was after I tested with my partners O365 account on my personal mac at home and logged into Skype with his account. I downloaded this and thought I might get a different version. I didn't and I still couldn't see the option for attaching images to messages. What am I missing here?


maybe your teneant is not enabled for that feature? You must be in Ring 0, 1 or 2, but i don't know how you can check this.

Key Health Indicators in an Office 365 environment running Skype is that?

Jorg is correct. you do need to be in the cloud and on the latest Insiders fast build. both end points need to support file transfer.


  • both parties need to be on Office 365
  • mac client on latest insider fast build
  • file reciever on latest windows client of mac insdier fast build
  • open chat
  • drag and drop file into chat window