New Cloud PBX features


As many of you were asking, I'm posting here the newest and greated Cloud PBX features, just announced at Ignite...


  • Auto Attendant: Auto attendants will create the "recepticionist" experience for your company, so when someone calls your company main number, the auto attendant will pick up the call, play announcements and identify the person you want to talk to, forwaring the call.
  • Call Queues: With call queues tenant admins will be able to create groups of people that will receive a call when a specific number is dialed (similar to hunt groups). This feature is integrated with AD so you can reuse and manage your groups.
  • Skype for Business Advanced Analytics: All tenant's data telemetry is centralized into a single page, showing very detailed information about, pretty much, everything that is going on on that tenant, like call quality distribution (or per user), IM, conference etc etc...


If any of the above sounds interesting, I highly recommend you watching Ben Canning's presentation here: https://mediastream.microsoft.com/events/2016/1609/Ignite/player/session7.html

His talk starts at 45:00 but I also strongly encourage you to watch Gurdeep's entire keynote with all the news about Skype :)