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So, most of our users have an Office 2013 Standard MSI Installation. 

We recently started rolling out Skype for Business 2016 EntryRetail (because those users only have O365 E1 licenses) for those users as well, from the Click2Run Setup via ODT2016 (setup.exe), but we're getting the following error.

Mind you, this error is a Skype for Business 2016 Error, not an Outlook Error, even though the Window Title says so.



I'm NOT getting the same error for those users have have Office 2013 MSI + Skype for Business 2016 ProPlus (from Click2Run) for those users with Office 365 E3 Licenses.


For those unfamiliar with the used Product IDs:

O365 E3 <Product ID="O365ProPlusRetail">

O365 E1 <Product ID="SkypeforBusinessEntryRetail">


If found this thread

though as usual does not help with these kind of specific problems.

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Ivan - I too have been perplexed by not being able to find any real solutions when this error occurs. One issue I know is the confusion over compatibility issues when various versions (e.g., 2013 / 2016 or MSI / C2R) are installed.


Just reading the article Office installed with Click-to-Run and Windows Installer on same computer isn't supported doesn't quite answer your question - but certainly hints at the problem. Hopefully someone from the Skype for Business or Office 365 team will see this thread and provide a better resolution than just to upgrade to the same versions (i.e., C2R + 2016) for Office & Skype for Business.

Hi Ivan,


Were you able to solve this issue?  We have basically the same problem, PCs with oem click-to-run Office 2013 and Skype for Business Office 365 Business Essentials work OK, but our laptops with Volume Lic Office 2013 msi install and Skype for Business frequently give the same errors as you are getting.

Not solved, only a workaround (which I'm not totally happy with).
Remove the C2R SfB Version, and install the MSI SfB Vesion.