Microsoft Phone System + Calling Plans + Analogue Device

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Hi Everyone,


We use Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Phone System with Calling Plans. This is our single phone system for everything, we do not have any other PSTN, SIP Trunks, nothing. Is it at all possible to somehow connect an analogue phone line to this environment? We own an AudioCodecs VE SBC and have an MP-112 ATA, Our AudioCodecs SBC is connected to Teams with Direct Route, but since we use Calling Plans..we don't really know where to go from here or if it's even possible. In an ideal world, we would provision a user in our AD, give it a phone number from Microsoft Calling Plans, and then have that phone number be the number of an analogue device (FAX). Any inbound and outbound faxes would go through the Calling Plans from Microsoft.


I just want to know if that's even possible?


I have attached the picture I modified from some AudioCodecs documentation. Since we use Calling Plans, everything is in the Microsoft Bubble on the right. 


Thank you so much for your time.


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@eblend  are you trying to have fax inbound or outbound?

Never mind, I just saw you wanted inbound and outbound. I'm not sure you could make this work without some other fax service. Fax machines usually, without other software, need the old "copper" lines. Sorry I'm not more help.



Both. We have large MFPs and some legacy post machines, and they require outbound for most of the time, but definitely inbound for FAX as well.


Currently this is all setup on legacy PSTN connections but we want to get rid of all of that and have Microsoft Calling Plans as our single system for all phone related matters.



Yes, the idea is to run an ATA to convert the copper line to digital signal and then route it to the SBC and on to Microsoft Phone system, just not sure if it's actually possible. 

Hi @eblend 


Since you already have an AudioCodes SBC you can reach out to any of the ISP Provider and request for a SIP Trunk based on your usage for Fax Machines. Once you have the SIP Trunk you can configure some DID on the SIP Trunk through your ISP and then use the services as Direct Routing.


This would allow you to re-utilize your existing SBC and go ahead with the solution for the Fax Machine. Generally all the service provider supports Fax using the SIP Trunk.  


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Satish U



Thanks Satish. Yah I am aware of making all this work that way, but I was hoping not to have to get a SIP trunk from any other company and utilize Microsoft Calling plans. 

Just an update for anyone wondering. What I was hoping to do is not currently possible without the SIP Trunk from a third party provider. Apparently Microsoft is working on making this possible but no timelines or details at the moment.