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I have been trying to test the delegate feature, but I do not seem to have the call forwarding option in the SfB desktop application.


We currently have a hybrid deployment of Skype and I am homed in O365.


The Skype for Business desktop client is Lync 2013 (15.0.4997.100).


Reading the following article am I correct in saying because I am homed in O365 that I cannot use the delegate function?

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We are also a hybrid set up. We have Skype server on prem and then voice mail is handled in the cloud (i.e. Office 365). We have not issues doing delegates. We are running Skype for Business (16.0.4639.1000), so I maybe that is the issue as I see you are a full version behind. Are you able to update to 16.x on a test box to see if that resolves the issue.


Hi John,


Do you have the call forwarding option in the SfB desktop app under tools - options?


Yes, sorry, I meant to state that in my previous reply. Yes, it shows up under Tools > Options > Call Forwarding. We have turn off, forward calls, or simul ring and then below that we are able to set either team-call or delegate members.

Hi John,

Which licensing options do you have enabled in O365?


I have Office 365 Education E3 for Faculty enabled on my account which is the one we apply to everyone.

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The issue was that I was homed in O365 and the person who had delegate permissions to my calendar was not.

You both have to be homed on-premsie or both in the cloud to make this work.