Low Resolution Screen Sharing Bug

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We are using remote desktop sessions on AWS and we have a situation where the receiver of a screen sharing session gets the shared screen in a very low resolution. I've narrowed the bug down to the instance type. If using a t2.large the screen sharing is full resolution but using an m4.large the screen sharing is low resolution. There are a few differences in the instance types but one that stands out is the nic on the m4.large reports as 10Gbps and the t2.large as 1Gpbs. Anyone have any experience with this bug?

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As i can see, m4.large have moderate network performance. Have you checked the network performance on the instance while screensharing?

Bandwidth is not an issue. Even on a t2.small I get 200mbps up/down. The instance that shows the low resolution is the higher performance one.

Have you reported it to AWS support?

The instance works fine. It's not an AWS issue. The issue is with Skype for Business.