Lack of expansion of calling plan footprint is getting disturbing


I know that it is slightly off area for a technical community but the lack of geographic expansion of the areas where calling plans (as they are now called) is getting disturbing. It is not so much that countries are still in preview it is that no new countries have been reported publicly as entering preview. I was expecting to see some announcements around Ignite about calling plans but the only thing that appears to have been rolled out in that regard is a change of name.  This is a technical issue because I am sure that a lot of people will be looking at this like me and saying we want to increase the geographic footprint but we want to stay entierly cloud based.  Perhaps some further info is available under NDA but it does seem odd that no additional territory has entered preview for calling plans since March unless the next steps mean that there will not be a preview stage for calling plans in new territories and they they will go straight to GA. The roll-out almost seems to have stalled - which I very much hope is not the case because I have other countries I want to roll out to without sacrificing a cloud only strategy.

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