Is there a way to use SfB for Video calls when end customer clicks on a hyper link on websites


Hi Experts, 

Our customer wants to add a link to their website that will allow their potential customers to click a link to “Chat Now” (or some similar wording), which would launch a video call between the end user and one of their staff.


What we want is when an end user (who is not a member of our customer’s organization) clicks on the link to “Chat Now”, then they are directed to a Skype video call with an agent.  The customer wants to have a team of agents sitting ready to accept such requests for video calls as and when they come in.  The requests would be ad-hoc and not scheduled.  There would be no interaction between the agents and potential customer prior to the video call starting so there is no opportunity to share meeting details etc.


The video calls would be one to one, between the potential customer and the agent.  They would not be many to one or broadcast type meetings.  However, we need to design for demand for the service being greater than the capacity / supply.  For example, if there is a team of 5 agents we need to know that if more than 5 different potential customers try to establish a video call at the same time, then the surplus requests are queued until an agent becomes available.


Similarly the customer has requirements around the video calls being recorded and archived for compliance reasons.  Microsoft had previously recommended Anywhere365 for its capability on this front and general contact center functionality, which Skype for Business Online doesn’t have.


What I need is:

1.            Is the scenario described above feasible?;

2.            Support around the design and deployment of a POC for this; and

3.            Guidance around key design points or decisions that are pertinent to this type of deployment.


Any pointers would be of great help!! Many thanks!!



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Since this is Skype for Business Online, you could check out too, because it will need to be developed if it's even possible with the recording aspect.  Not sure you're going to get that far because the online APIs only get so far at this point (advancements coming soon), but my knowledge may be a bit old there.  Maybe in combination with the client SDK. 


I would reach out to Modality Systems to see if they can help you scope a PoC with custom development.