Is it possible to route S4B calls based on content?

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For instance, we have users who have both a computer and a physical phone.  Just going softphone isn't pratical as we are a public entity and need to have a working phone when someone isn't logged in or if student need to use the phone. Think of worst case scenarios....


So my use case is this... We have users video calling other users, but they answer on their phone.  We are using Polycom VVX phones and in some cases have enabled BTOE, but BTOE isn't perfect.  It would be great to create a rule in S4B client to say.. route video calls to devices enabled for video.  Route audio calls to devices not capable of video if both are present... trying to accomodate those that are on a soft client.  Thoughts? Is this possible now? Too crazy of an idea?

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That isn't part of the product currently.  When an invite comes in for an end-user it's forked to all the user's logged-in endpoints.  So if they're signed in to a phone, mobile client, and rich client all those devices will get an invite.  Changing this behaviour is possible on the server but requires a significant amount of work involving a custom MSPL implementation.