IM Scrolling on newer SfB PC clients

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It seems that in some of the newer Skype PC client builds that they no longer automatically scroll IM messages to the last message and instead show an organge ellipse indicating there are new IM's that are not shown on the screen.

Feedback so far is people don't like this behavior - is there a way to disable it and return it to the way it used to work?



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Even i am noticing this behaviour. 

Yes I have too and it is very anoying to need to scroll each time someone answer to your chat.

As I was in First Release for Current Branch I was thinking is was a but but perphaps not.

@Adrian Hyde what version your users have exactly.

On my side I have 16.0.7127.1021 within Skype and 16.0.7167.2040 within Outlook, Excel and probably other Office suite apps. But It just proposed me a new version 10.0.7301.1014 for Skype and 16.0.7341.2021 for Office Suite. I will update my post if any change.


@MS why having not the same version numbers for all element of Office click to run?

Agreed... I have a love/hate relationship with this.  It's great in a large meeting when a ton of people are talking at once and it's scrolling too fast.  In a peer to peer slower conversation, I don't need it.  Would like to see a toggle.  Have you proposed at

I have Office Build 16.0.7167.2040 (which Skype shows as 16.0.7127.1021).


@Vincent VALENTIN I also wish Microsoft would fix this, but Office uses the version number of the EXE files, and Skype reports the version of the CDO DLL file when looking at its version. I've filed it as a bug before with the Skype team but they didn't seem to care enough to change and ine up with the rest of the Office family.

I have not posted on uservoice or feedback yet - I am still trying to confirm if this is expected behavior since I have not found this "feature" listed anywhere on the release notes.

I have seen this behaviour earlier, and gone for a while in another release. Now it is back. Seems that new release missed that code. 

Ditto. Didn't hear the chime when I got a response and sat there wondering why they weren't responding.... I use Super Toast and it popped up to let me know I had a new message.

Anyone from MS has an official answer on this?

Hopefully not jinxing it, but I'm not noticing this bug anymore on 16.0.7301.1014. It has, however, been replaced by a bug that is equally frustrating. Contact Status overlays (the green, yellow, red dot on profile pics) does not update with the change of a contact's status

Are you on a preview build?  (You have a newer version than what I have with Current Channel)

If so, then that is good news that this may be "resolved".


Unfortunately the Microsoft folks don't appear to be quite as active on this new site as they were on Yammer - it would be interesting to know more about this and what was planned/unplanned etc.


I believe this was a bug and it should now be resolved. If you are still seeing it can you share your SfB/Office version and build number?


There are quite a few different office versions you could be running:








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Click to run for us and some of them having latest version, some of them not. what version has bug? Do you know. I can remember top of my head that 15.0.4841.1000 64 bit and might be more. 

Honestly, I'm not sure which builds had it, only that I had it a long while ago, maybe four months on C2R and haven't seen it recently.


I'm on 

Office 2016 x86 C2R
SFB EXE Version: 16.0.6965.2076
SFB MSO Version: 16.0.6925.1031
UCCAPI Version: 16.0.6965.5285


If you are into PowerShell here is a quick way to get versions:



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Hi Adrian,


Yes, I'm on the Insider Slow builds so get a new release every week or so (to make sure that I'm prepared for what the users are going to see). Our users on the current channel reckon this could be fixed (as of 16.0.7167.2060) which must have come out in the past day or so