Identifying Polycom devices connected to SfB on-prem

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We have Skye for Business 2015 over 8 physical locations. At each location Polycom Trio 8800 devices have been deployed. I've been asked to identify the Polycom devices we have out in the wild as there was no record kept when the Polycom's were deployed :(

What are suggested ways for doing this?

My thought is that the Polycom devices are configured to report into the upgradeserver on-prem for firmware updates and in the SfB Control Panel I can see Device Log Config is set. So should I be able to see the devices check-in on this log.

If this is the case I've not been able to find any documentation that tell's me how to view the log or which database in the CMS to interrogate.


Be grateful for any assistance on this as I'm new to SfB and keen to learn.





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I managed to work this out in the end, posting here as someone might find it useful.


I could see the Polycom devices checking in for updates in the following log:  RequestHandlerAuditLog_<servername>_<date>.log this was located in <file store>\WebServices\DeviceUpdateLogs\Server\Audit\imageUpdates


the log recorded IP, MAC address, device model and firmware versions