Generic voicemail for when queue isn't answered - Requirements

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We have a call queue that is also used after hours when there can sometimes be only one agent online.  What we would like to do is to transfer this call to a generic voicemail if the call sitting in the queue isn't answered in the set amount of time.


Based on looking at the discussions it seems like this is not possible in Skype for Business without setting up a separate Phone System account.  


What I'm not clear on is what is the most cost effective way accomplish this.  The way I've seen suggested is add another E3 account and Phone System add-on but that seems wasteful also paying for Office applications.  Is there a better approach?  The one other question I have is if it's being used only for voicemail - does it require a calling plan as well or can it be set to use consumption credits.


Any guidance / suggestions would be much appreciated.

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