experiences with large scale migration / replacement of standards based VTC

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Has anyone planned or undertaken a large enterprise migration from standards based VTC such as Polycom to Skype for Business / Teams? If so, how was the experience? What is your solution for your large / complex rooms like auditoriums and board rooms? Were you able to find integrators to work with the Skype / Teams hardware solutions? How is your interop end user experience with on premise legacy standards based systems and external standards based systems?


If you'd like to respond here or PM me I'd like to talk more about your experience. Thank you!

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I would definetly take a look at Pexip for video interop.


One option is to keep the VTCs and use interop, for Teams there will be BlueJeans, Pexip and Polycom and for SfB On-premises there is Pexip and for SfB Online there is Polycom. This is what Microsoft certifies today. Pexip works with SfBO and PLCM work with SfB On-premises.

Using SRS devices for large rooms may require quite a lot of 3rd party devices so could over complicate the meeting room rather than just a VTC device with all the inputs. Plus it means more moving parts, so more could go wrong. You could say the same about a VTC system, someone unplug the mic or speakers.

There are a number of AV System Integrators that know the traditional side and also do SRS/Hub devices, so can use their expertise to bring the two worlds together.

Thanks Graham.  My goal is for a common interface wherever possible.  I'm thinking about Surface Hub / SRS in all rooms except the more complex or larger venues like board rooms or auditoirums.  Those spaces would continue to utilize Polycom, although I'm sure I could fit SRS in there as well.  What I'm hoping is that someone has done something like this and can share their experience.

Curious if anyone is looking at the Crestron Flex C100 series for their large / complex venues?