Emergency Calling Options when PC is locked

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Is there a option to call Emegency Number or Button when PC is locked using Skype for Business?

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No this is not possible. I don't see how the Skype application could be exposed within the security context of a locked workstation.

However this is possible with Phones certified for Skype providing the option is set to allow calls when the phone is locked. See for a list of devices certified. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/office/dn947482.aspx

Question is for workstation. We have taken care from the Handset through Provisioning server. 

Hi Darwin - Unfortunately it is not possible to make outbound calls if the workstation is locked. 


As a side note you can answer incoming calls if the workstation in question has a Skype for Business certified headset or audio device tethered to it and you use the devices call control buttons.   


I know its not the answer you were looking for but wanted to state this for completeness.