Disable Skype for Business Online inactive time change

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Is it possible to block users from being able to edit the time in which they are marked as idle or away in Skype for Business Online on a Windows device.


I can find details on how to change the number of minutes but this can be overidden by the end user.


Ideally these settings would be able to be managed server side using S4B policies but this does not seem to be the case.


Can anyone confirm if this is a limitation at present.




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Hello David,


Yes we cannot disable the option of changing the idle and away time in the Skype for Business client. It is by default in the control of the end user to make changes in the same.


This as of now is a limitation of Skype for Business.


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Great to confirm this Satish.

Thank you


David it's a bit of a kludge but you can always re-stamp the "IdleThreshold" and "AwayThreshold" values back to your preferred settings in the Registry using Group Policy...


Richard calls them out here:




- Greig