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how do I get a list of third party dial-in conference providers for Skype for business online in Canada ?

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Microsoft as part of Office 365 providers Dial In PSTN Confernecing See Link Here. we recommend using Microsoft as your dial-in conferencing provider.


When to use a third-party dial-in conferencing provider

If you are in a country where Microsoft dial-in conferencing isn’t available, the service quality isn’t great because of it's location, or you have an existing contract with a third-party dial-in conferencing provider, we recommend using a third-party dial-in conferencing provider. Otherwise,

Hi Sean,

Thanks for your response, I forgot to mention that my customer already have an existing contract with their conference provider. They were asking me if their provider can support Sfb online but I could not find a list of supported conference providers. of course, they will have to get back to their current provider and ask them if he support skype online. I just wanted to try to get this information from Microsoft. ?

Also interested in this answer. 

PGI works perfectly used them for well over 2 years, they have a distinct advantage over Microsoft bridges of having more dial in numbers in more countries. But Microsoft's bridges are better quality and obviously have better integration directly into S4B.

In any case you might want to rethink implementing new 3rd party service as Microsoft has announced that this program will retire next year.