Demo of the Skype for Business Mac client


Skype for Business Mac Public Preview is rolling out in stages over the coming months. You can request an invite to test the Mac client at



This demonstration, Madhuri Tondepu, program manager from the Skype engineering team, provides a comprehensive overview of the current preview experience. She demonstrates the updated user experience, discovering, joining and participating in Skype meetings, and the work the team has done to modernize the client from the ground up .

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I've signed up for the preview and signed the NDA, however I cannot locate the download.


Great video! I'm currently using the new client and love it!
That's not good. Have you tried to reach out to support yet? Here is the specific link, just in case:
Been using the Mac client and getting used to it. Would like to have it sync my avatar, but I know that's coming.

After the Mac client is released, is the same focus going to be put on all the Skype for Business applications to make sure that they all reach feature parity? 

They are not accepting new testers at the moment. They planned for up to 8000 testers, got over 22000 signups (many of which are organizations representing multiple users), and still have 14000+ actively-updating demo clients; they're getting as much feedback already as they can handle. If feedback traffic to developers tapers down in the next month or two, they may add new testers from those who signed up already but didn't get into the preview pool.