CQ's fail where 0365 group is also an MS Team + How to forward to SIP address linked CQ


Two issued have cropped up as I sought to tidy up my call queues to take advantage of the fact that a CQ or AA does not require a dedicated PSTN service number.


Issue 1) I was expecting my CQ's to show up as searchable in my SfB client - so that if I can call a CQ via its name (i.e. via its SIP address not a PSTN number) but the CQ's don't show up in the SfB client search results.  I actually prefixed my revamped CQ's with "CQ" in the name thinking that entering CQ in the client search box would quickly bring up a list of CQ's that the operator could quickly transfer calls to. However, nothing comes up in my contacts list. I have waited several hours in case it was a syncing issue but so far no joy. If I search for the O365 group underlying the CQ it finds that ok - but then if I try to call it I am setting up a conference call rather than calling the CQ and that is definitely not the intent.

Issue 2) you can add MS Teams functionality to an existing O365 Group and O365 Groups are how you set up the list of agents in the CQ. So I thought - hey I will make my CQ agent list (i.e. the 0365 Group) an MS Teams team - that way Teams can be used by the CQ agents as a quick and easy way to record actions arising from the call. However, when I have converted the 0365 Group to an MS Team the CQ reports (on the SfB Admin Centre CQ Tab ) no agents found - so it seems that making the 0365 Group an MS Team disables (whether intentionally or not on MS's part) its ability to work as a CQ. That therefore nixes the utility of being able to use Teams as a "pop up" back office for those working on the CQ.


I wonder whether @Jamie Stark or @Tom Arbuthnot might have some insight on / interest in this. At the very least admins need to be made aware that if they decide to suddenly add teams functionality to an O365 group it APPEARS that  they are likely to take down any associated CQ - more testing is definitely required as someone could easily use the Powershell recently released powershell tools for teams - provide the teams functionality to a large number of existing O365 groups and end up with a very big mess if my issue was to be replicated.


Also - I note that there are no keywords related to  AAs and CQ's on the list for this forum. Given that we now have these features it would probably be opportune to add some.

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Update to the above - it took very nearly a full 24 hours but my CQs and AA's did eventually show up as searchable in the SfB client - so now a user can call or forward to a CQ by its name. Obviously that is a syncing issue. I have prefixed all my CQ's with "CQ" in the name so searching on CQ will give the user a global list of CQ's. Same for AA's
Update to the Teams breaks call queues part of the above. There was certainly an issue but as of now whatever glitch was causing the addition of teams to an O365 group to break any associated call queue seems to have resolved. I would still advise caution for anybody adding MS Teams functionality to their O365 group if they are dependant upon CQ's also built using the same O365 group because whether for a transient reason or something that has now been fixed in the "back room" by Microsoft adding that functionality took down my CQ's and caused it to report that it could not find any agents. I guess watch this space to see if there are any further problems and proceed with caution in the interim.