Cortana for Surface Hub and Skype Room Systems Conference Join

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For Surface Hub and Skype Room Systems, does anyone have insight into if the use of Cortana is possible now, or planned?


I’ve done some searching and have not found any mention of Cortana in Microsoft articles regarding Surface Hub or Skype Room Systems. This seems like a natural functionality that would be in the product… e.g. walk into a Surface Hub conference room and say “Hey Cortana, start the 11:00am meeting”.

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Also speech recognition instead of using the onscreen keyboard when using apps would be useful.

Cortana used to be in there in the first rev of Surface Hub (Windows 10 Teams) however it was removed. I have not heard anything as to what is planned on the roadmap.



Cortana is not on the SRS (or at least I've not seen it) and it can be enabled on the Surface Hub. It would be a great feature to have, however with the creators update, you have the option to sign in and get your calendar, so you are right up at the screen or using the keyboard, so maybe not of great use when it is one click away.
What about a proximity beacon which could start automatically the meeting when you're coming into the meeting room ?