Cloud PBX with onprem PSTN conferencing.

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Just trying to work through a scenario just now, not sure if it's possible or how but would be interested in getting some feedback if anyone has tried similar or can confirm if it's possible.


Hybrid Skype for Business setup (Hybrid Exchange etc).


-User initially setup onprem, enterprise voice enabled number assigned etc. all working fine (including dial in conferencing)

-Assign VoiceRoutingPolicy to the user, license for Skype for Business online, Cloud PBX and move the user to, so far so good, the user makes/receives calls routed out/in via onprem SIP.

-Dial in conferencing no longer works for the user and when I do a meet now the meeting URL is etc.


Is this expected behavior? Is it possible to utalise onprem dial in conferencing when the user is on Office 365 with Cloud PBX (and NOT using Cloud PSTN)?


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Yes, this is expected behavior. 


While on-premises PSTN Connectivity can be used for end-users sending and receiving calls to the PSTN, it does not act as a transport for meeting dial-in.  The reason is that the end user has migrated to the clod and as such their meetings are hosted in the cloud as well.  So for dial-in their options are to use either the MIcrosoft PSTN Conferencing offer (as an add-on to E3 or included in E5) or use a third party audio conferencing provider (ACP). 

Thanks Jamie, as always appreciate the quick response and clarity. Sort of what I'd expected and had encountered just wanted to confirm there was no way to utalise the onprem facility for hosted users.

Hi Jamie!

I just wanted to check with you if this statement is still valid?
Is there any way of doing local PSTN Conferencing via Hybrid and CCE in SFB Online, I just wanted to check if it has been discussed within your team or not.

Hi Mikael, the case is still the same, we don't provide option to use own number for Dial in to the conference via CCE or OPCH

What about the reverse?


If the customer is currently an on-premise customer, can they start utilising conferecing from o365 cloud instead of on-prem (e.g as a migration first step)?