Cloud PBX limitations when using Audiocodes CloudBond


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We are working with a couple of customers on integrating a voice solution with Office 365 (in one case they need to integrate Call Manager, in another case they intend to use Skype for Business as a full telphony solution). Given both customers are in Mexico, we require to integrate an on-premises Skype for Business architecture in some shape or form.


With this in mind, we are considering Audiocodes' CloudBond appliance, which includes various Skype for Business roles. My question is, when we implement this kind of solution are we in some way bypassing the know limitations for Cloud PBX, or do the same limitations still exist? For example, as mentioned in the Skype Operations framework documentation:


"Some other rarely used features that are not available in Cloud PBX, comparing to on-premises solution:

  • Call Park Service
  • Call Admission Control
  • Call via work
  • Private line
  • Location based routing"

Do these limitations apply also to hybrid deployments, as I assume a CloudBond implementation would be considered, or only when the customer has telephony?


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