Cloud Connector Edition 2.1 Released, with Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) Monitoring


As promised a few weeks ago on the Skype for Business blog, Cloud Connector Edition 2.1.0 is now released. If you’re set to auto-update, you should see the update soon, if you’re not set to auto update you have 60 days before you are technically out of support on CCE 2.0.x


Download here:

Plan for Skype for Business Cloud Connector Edition:


Cloud Connector 2.1 supports monitoring Cloud Connector using Operations Management Suite (OMS), a Microsoft cloud IT management solution. OMS Log Analytics enables you to monitor and analyze the availability and performance of resources including physical and virtual machines. For more information, see Monitor Cloud Connector using Operations Management Suite (OMS)


It’s confirmed that there is now no plan to support CCE in the same environment/customer/topology as Skype for Business Server (referred to as co-existence). So if you have Skype for Business server and want to “bring your own PSTN” to Skype for Business Online Phone System you must use Skype for Business server for that connectivity, this model is referred to as OPCH, On-Premises Call Handling. There are appliances from AudioCodes and Sonus that can be setup in an “OPCH mode”. CCE is only for 100% Cloud customers only.


It’s understood that Microsoft Teams will have a new methodology for “bringing your own carrier connectivity”, informally called BYOT, “Bring Your Own Trunk”, we should see a Technical Preview for this in early 2018.


Credit to Michael LaMontagne I think being the first to spot the release.

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