CCE deployment 1.4.2 error

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Working on setting up CCE 1.4.2 in a test environment but running in to issues when the script is creating the base virtual machine.


Creating base virtual machine...
New-VM : The operation failed because the file was not found.
At C:\Program Files\WindowsPowerShell\Modules\cloudconnector\Initialize-CcHost.ps1:212 char:15
+ ...       $vm = New-VM -Name $tmpName -Generation 1 -MemoryStartupBytes 4 ...



The Convert-CcIsoToVhdx –IsoFilePath e:\cce\Windows_Server_2012R2.iso command works fine and create base VHD also. but after that it stops with error above.

I have set my directories as follows:


PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-CcSiteDirectory


PS C:\Users\Administrator> Get-CcApplianceDirectory


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Can you share the full text or the error please?