Calls from Skype accounts with no LineURI failing at SIP provider

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I'm running SfB On Premise, CUCM telephony infrastructure with PRI / SIP ties to PSTN.  I have an issue where Skype PSTN calls from accounts that don't have an assigned LineURI are failing.  We don't have EV deployed company wide, however we do use Skype call me at.  Many of my users do not have LineURIs.  The SIP provider is stating they will reject any call that doesn't contain digits in the calling number.  Inspecting the FROM section in the SIP packet shows the CLID as the SIP address of the "calling" account that doesn't have an assigned LineURI.  Conversely, I can see digits in the FROM section on calls from an account that does have a LineURI assigned.


My telephony guys are telling me I need to send them properly formatted numbers in the FROM section of the packet.  I wrote a calling number trunk rule that properly translates to our company's main phone number, but it's still not sending that through to the provider.


Pattern to match is ^\D.+@[^.]+.\D{3}$, Translation  rule is a ten digit phone number.  When I test it in SfB Control Panel by typing in a SIP address, it is correctly transforming to the number.


Any thoughts?  What am I missing?  Do providers typically reject calls that don't have digits in the CLID?  Can my CUCM guys not write a rule that will add a CLID to a call that doesn't have one?  Something seems wrong here.  

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For anyone reading - I worked around this by configuring the voice route to suppress CallerID and send the company's main line number. So it fixes the issue with the carrier, but I imagine it will be up to my telephony guys to write up an sbc rule to send digits when no digits are in the FROM header.