Calls being dropped when being transferred from an Auto Attendant to a Call Queue

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We have been using Skype For Business Online for a while. We have an Auto Attendant that based on the response, it transfers the calls to Call Queues. This works fine when someone calls from a cell phone or a PSTN phone.

In the last months, we have moved several of our customers to Skype for Business Online. Since then, they complained that when they call our main number and select an option in the Auto Attendant, the call is dropped. I personally called from my cell phone to our Auto Attendant and my call was transferred to the Call Queue with no problems.

We have created some Auto Attendants that forward calls to Call Queues for a couple of customers. Now, we are experiencing the same issue. We call the AA and when the call is transferred to the Call Queue, we see the new window in the Skype for Business client with the name of the call queue ( and the call drops. If we call the Call Queue directly (either by SIP address or phone number) the call goes through.

This only happens when a call is initiated using Skype for Business Online. If I use my cell phone or an analog phone line, the transfer works.

We opened a case with Office 365 support three weeks ago. The tech said that it has escalated the issue to the engineering team, but he has failed to keep us updated and there is nothing on the Health Dashboard indicating that this is an issue with Skype for Business Online.


Has anyone of you experienced this same issue?


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I do see calls that are seemingly dropped. It's more frequent than our previous system, so I assume it's something in SfB. But no rhyme or reason to it except that the call IDs appear spam-ish. That's why I'm not too alarmed by it.


Could be that these spam companies are using SfB. Wouldn't surprise me.

I also hear users complaining about Auto Attendant to Call Queue drops (from PSTN calling in to an Auto Attendant then to Call Queue).


Were you able to figure out what caused this? Or did support ever get back to you?

We have had similar from our users, where it either drops before it gets transferred or drops after a  minute, I have told them to watch the call quality indicator whilst on the call to see if it is QOS.