CallerID not changing

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Im struggling with changing the CallerID of the users in our tenant. 


I followed the steps from


I've assigned a CallingLineIdentity to all users, but the CallerID doesn't change. When you make a call the personal number of the user appears. The only CallingLineIdentity policy that does work on the users is the Anonymous policy. When I assign a policy with the servicenumber, it changes back to the personal number of the user. 

I've tried setting the CallingLineIdentity back to $NULL and then back to one i've created earlier but there is no result. 


Can someone help me out on this one? :)


Here is a short transcript of the commands I've used to achieve this:

To make the CallingLineIdentity:
New-CsCallingLineIdentity -Identity "IDNAME" -CallingIdSubstitute "Service" -ServiceNumber "PHONENUMBER" -EnableUserOverride $false -Verbose

To assign the CallingLineIdentity:
Grant-CsCallingLineIdentity -Identity "USERNAME@DOMAIN.COM" -PolicyName IDNAME

To check if the CallingLineIdentity is assigned:
Get-CsOnlineUser -Identity "USERNAME@DOMAIN.COM" | FL CallingLineIdentity
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Strange... those commands just sort of work for me.  Are you 100% sure that you're using a service number and not a user number?



I've even tried with another service number, but without result. 


The only policy it's listening to, is the anonymous policy. All the other ones aren't affecting the users.