Call Queues with CCE


PSTN Calling isn't offered in Australia, so we are going to implement CCE (Cloud Connector Edition) but need some type of Call Queues. I am told this is not possible, but doesn't anyone have a workaround/solution? I only need 1 person to have call queues being the receptionist.




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Hi Trent.


You cannot assign a "CCE number" to a call queue, what you need to do, is to request a service number in the O365 portal for this purpose.


If you cannot request an Australian service number from the portal, you can create a service request and request the service number, check this site for availability:


Hope this helps you.


/Kenneth ML

Call Queues are currently not supported with On-Premise Phone Numbers nor call queues agents with on-premise numbers.

Hi Andreas.


Correct, it is not a supported scenario, but it does work and is not influenced by the assigned lineuri as the agent is invited using the SIP uri.


/Kenneth ML

So if I transfer our main line phone number to the cloud then I can use call queues even with CCE?

Hi Trent.


Yes, that is possible. Ported service numbers can be used for call queues and orgAA.


To port a number to Microsoft, this is the procedure:


Don't forget to order the porting number as a service number.


If the number is critical to your organization, I would start with requesting a new service number for the service and request the existing telco (or PBX) to forward the number to the new Microsoft service number. Then you can determine if the functionality actually fits your organization needs, then if you are comfortable with this, request the number porting at a later time.


/Kenneth ML

Thanks for confirming and the additional information - very helpful!


I will go back to my vendors as both of them independently told me Call Queue Agents couldn't transfer calls to CCE users (possibly without PSTN Calling).

Microsoft have confirmed that Call Queue Agents and CCE users can't coexist yet.

It supported now, however you need to forward the PSTN number to AA SIP URI by manipulating the SIP header on your SBC.


As per Microsoft document, only cloud based PSTN number is fully supported.



So there is not way to do it without an SBC ?

 there is no way doing it without SBC at the moment.