Bandwidth Management for Cloud PBX

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Has anyone been sucessful in settting up bandwith managment on the WAN for inbound and outbound traffic for cloud PBX without using Express Route? I am aware that you can use packet tagging for outbound traffic, but inbound?

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HI Clayton,


Could you explain what you are looking to Achieve?





I would like to prioritize inbound and outbound cloud PBX traffic on a firewall's WAN interface to eliminate potential audio quality issues with PSTN calls.


That's tricky, some clients (windows for example) can mark traffic on the way out, but inbound traffic won't be marked as its coming in over the internet.


Where possible it's best to have enough raw bandwidth/throughput to cater for the SfBO traffic. Traffic "Shaping" often adds an overhead that itself causes issues.


Something I have seen attempted it all up session limits so that any one user cannot download/upload more than X Mb, which means no one user can flood the pipe downloading an ISO.


It's an interesting topic. What Firewall/device are you using?


How much bandwidth do you have relative to users?


Have you done a network assessment?




We have customers with 5 - 50+ users that are looking to move to SfBO.

For example, in an environment with 10 users and a 50x10 Mbps WAN connection, traffic shaping is the only thing that really makes sense in my mind.

We are testing multiple firewalls, looking for a solution that works.