Automatic update holidays in AutoAttendant!


On thursday Microsoft anounced some new features for Auto Attendant in preview.

One of them beeing able to create holiday schedules.

I have created a script that gets holiday dates automaticaly from the web, and creates schedules in Auto Attendant.

Hope you find it usefull. Please leave me any feedback you have.

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Looking for a script to add an holiday to  auto attendant with multiple dates. For example, I have a holiday by name Christmas. I need to input multiple date ranges like Start "25/12/2019" -End "26/12/2019" & Start "25/12/2020" -End "26/12/2020"


Second: Looking for a script to update the dates for the same holiday  & lastly need a script to delete specific holiday on an auto attendant. Appreciate your help in advance.