Auto Attendant - Voice Dialling Call Queues?

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Hi, we went 'full cloud' with Skype for Business and got rid our aging on-prem PBX.
My favourite piece of the whole thing is the voice dialling feature, which works brilliantly. We've set it up for use by internal people only, so the robot voice is not a biggy for us, just a short, no-nonsense, "...who do you want to call?...". This means that my Users only have to remember one catchy number in order to be able to call or transfer to any individual in the business - fantastic!
Where I am stuck at the moment is that it does not appear to work for Call Queues? We have call queues set up for each Functional Team in the business for those times where people are trying to get hold of "...just anyone in Accounts/Ops/New Business/etc..." I've added them into the dialling scope of the Auto Attendant, but it refuses to recognise, ‘’…Accounts…” Am I missing something here?
Please tell me that this can be done as it would really be the killer feature of SfB for us. If it worked we could also set up call queues for Client Teams and Project Teams which would be incredibly useful.
As of now, I’m thinking the only other way to do this would be to setup each Team as a O365 user (with team-call group members configured in the skype client) but the associated licensing costs would be prohibitive. Any thoughts?

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