Auto Attendant message change to another organisation


Last night the message on one of my auto attendants was changed to another organisations message (We are full cloud). I know it wasn't done by anyone in my organisation (There was an error in the config that needed to be corrected before i could change the message back and save) so it was either done by MS or .....


Office 365 support say they are break/fix only and will send me a link for paid support who might be able to answer.


Has anyone seen such a thing before or know where in MS i can contact to resolve this?





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I have not had that happen, but we did have all of our auto attendant groups stop working. This was back in October/November timeframe. I could not figure out why they all broke when they had been working for months. I ended up doing a call with Microsoft to troubleshoot the issue and basically was told it is a known glitch where the greeting will become corrupted and cause the auto attendant to stop working. It was a rather odd conversation which took a few days with Microsoft. After I went through and updated about a dozen auto attendants, they started playing correctly.

We are a Hybrid set up with auto attendants, voice mail, etc, all in the cloud. It was a odd experience that the Microsoft rep could not explain why it happened.

I was able to get help by going through our Admin interface in Office 365, and then there was a contact link within that area. If you cannot find that option, let me know and I can see if I can get the link / email address for you.


If you have a link/email i would be eternally grateful, since the support portal lost the ability to select a category for your issue getting through to the correct department/person seems to be a fairly random occurrence.


I thought I could provide a link, but it simply provide a form to fill out within the Admin screen. To get to that, I went to Office 365 admin portal, click support, new service request, and the right side of the screen displays where can type in what I need help with which is how I entered my ticket with them in 2017. They responded in less than 24 hours.

The email address I have from those tickets is Office 365 Support <> and then a ticket number. So, I am not sure if you can simply send a message to that address and create a new ticket or if it has to go through the Admin portal. I would suggest if you do not have the options to submit through the admin portal, then send the message and hopefully get a response.