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I just got enrolled into the skype preview for orgAA, however I couldn't find any new service number in my country which is Singapore.  What must I do to get it, please help.


Btw, I had CCE setup with SIP Trunking to my local Telco, with a few phone numbers.  Phone calls between PSTN and SFB Online user is working for me.


Thank you.

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Yup, we're aware of this one.  Essentially numbers are still available but some countries we protect availability of more tightly as it's the same resource we use for PSTN Conferencing dial-in numbers.  Anyway, I've confirmed with the preview support team that you can open a ticket with them ( and they'll transact the back-end work to get you going.


Thanks so much for participating in preview - sorry for the hassle....


Dear Jamie,


No worry and thank you for the quick response, would raise a ticket to get the service number.  Would Microsoft bill us for any call charges for the usage of the service number?


Best regards.

Unfortunately calls to toll-free numbers are still charged during Preview.  As such you'll need to have a PSTN Consumption account configured.

hi Jamie,

What is PSTN Consumption account?

A PSTN Consumption account is used with Toll Free Service Numbers that can be assigned to the Organizational Auto Attendant & Call Queues.  You can also get Toll service numbers as well where the cost to call those numbers is picked up by the caller.  The numbers are available at no cost but for Toll Free the cost to call those numbers is charged back to your PSTN Consumption account.

Thank you Jamie for the explanation, I understand better now.  Already issue a pre-release bug report and waiting for the service number.

Previously I had to raise 2 tickets since End January, and till now, Microsoft haven't been able to assign a singapore number for the preview :(


This is last ticket number: SR#617012692924351