Auto Attendant and Call Queues with CCE

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I know these are due to enter preview soon, but does anyone know how the CCE will work with AA and CQ?  Will we be able to use a line homed on a CCE as a service number for AA and CQ?


If we home a user today with our primary incoming number, but want to convert that to AA or CQ later, will that be possible?  I don't want to deploy something that gets us stuck.



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We are working on few scenarios , please stay tuned for the preview. If not done, please register on for the OrgAA Preview track.

Any more updates on this particular feature with CCE?

Hi Jed,

Work is in progress to support CCE , will be shared once ready.

Once transferred to an agent, will media go direct between CCE and SfB user?

Hi Mohamad,


Any more updates on this feature set, I'm just looking now to see if there is an announcement I've missed?