Assigned Number belongs to another business (Anyone ever seen this)?

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Just wondering if anyone ever seen or heard of this.


I have had PSTN Calling on my Tenant for about a year and a half. I have always had the same number assigned to my clinet. When my client is on, you can dial my number and reach me. Great, it works as its suppose to.... but


but, if i have my clients turned off, and you dial my number, you get a Hotel. I even asked them "Can you tell me your number, or the number i called", and they read it back to me. Its the same number that I have assigned to my S4b.


Now, I did not do any type of porting of the numbers or anything. I just purchased PSTN calling over a year ago and had Office 365 give me a list of numbers and i picked one. Its the same one I have been using for over a year... But as i said, if i have no clients turn on and you call me, you will get some Hotel answer.  "Thank You for calling Days In - Panama City Beach FL, How can i help you"....


I told them to stop answering my calls......LOL


Anyone ever heard of this or what i can do to stop this? I am sure i could just change my number, but why is it even happening

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Wow, 43 views and no one knows anything


@Laurie Pottmeyer


Anything you can think of? Since it also links over to Teams...Anything you can think of to help me get an answer?