Admin role needed to migrate users

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We are starting to move some users from on-prem to Skype for Business Online.  Do you need to have Global Admin rights to be able to run PowerShell commnads in support of migrating users (Move-CsUser -Identity)?


A technet article seems to reference the need for Global Amdin rights, wondering if there is another way.  "To move an on-premises user to your Skype for Business Online tenant, run the following cmdlets in the Skype for Business Server Management Shell, using the administrator credentials for your Microsoft Office 365 tenant. "

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The standalone "Lync Service Administrator" role should be enough. Although I dont remember ever using anything other that GA, so maybe test with a single user first :)



Yes unfortunately you need Global Admin rights on your tenant. We questioned this with Microsoft in our meetings as we also felt that this was too much of an elevated credential. However, it seems that during the move, things get written to Azure AD not just SfB Online which is why the SfB Online Admin role is insufficient.