Troubleshooting Lync Server 2010: Clients, Devices, and Control Panel
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The Lync Server 2010 Technical Library is your one-stop-shop for the official product documentation. This documentation, managed by the Lync Server documentation team, is updated frequently. Be sure to bookmark this important resource and come back often to get the latest information on Lync Server.

Following is an overview of the Troubleshooting section in the Lync Server Technical Library.

Troubleshooting Clients

This resource is for first-level help desk agents who support Microsoft Lync Server 2010 clients. It provides a script for opening a service call and identifying the problem the user is having, information about how to resolve the problem, and tools and resources for additional troubleshooting.

Topics include:

  • Help Desk Script

  • Common Issues and Tasks for Lync 2010 Users

  • Common Issues and Tasks for Users of Other Clients

  • Tools for Advanced Lync 2010 Troubleshooting

  • Additional Resources for Troubleshooting Clients

Click to visit: Troubleshooting Clients in the Lync Technical Library.

Troubleshooting Devices

Microsoft Lync Server 2010 provides new and updated tools for monitoring devices and troubleshooting device issues. For an overview, see Tools and Services for Managing and Troubleshooting Devices . Before you use troubleshooting tools, if you are deploying IP phones, it is important to understand devices connect to your network. For an overview see, How IP Phones Connect to the Network .

Issues can occur in any of the stages of the device connection process, and the issues may differ depending on whether the device is inside or outside your organization’s firewall and on whether it is a new or older IP phone. For details, see Device Connection Process .

Common issues with IP phones include problems with set up and sign in, obtaining an IP address, dialing, hardware, audio quality, and installing updates. Troubleshooting tools help you address these issues quickly, which is important to both user satisfaction and your total cost of ownership (TCO).

To help support you with troubleshooting, this section describes how IP phones connect to the network, common issues related to devices, and troubleshooting issues with device set up or IP phones.

Topics include:

  • How IP Phones Connect to the Network

  • Device Connection Process

  • Checklist for Setting Up Devices

  • Common Issues with IP Phones

Click to visit: Troubleshooting Devices in the Lync Technical Library.

Troubleshooting Lync Server 2010 Control Panel

Provides information and procedures that can help you troubleshoot access to Microsoft Lync Server 2010 Control Panel.

Topics include:

  • Internet Browser Requirements

  • DNS Record and Certificate Requirements for the Administrative Access URL

  • Internet Information Services (IIS) Requirements

  • User Rights and Permissions

Click to visit: Troubleshooting Lync Server 2010 Control Panel in the Lync Technical Library.

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