Skype Room Systems v2 update has been released - we started rolling out the update to devices as of November 14th.  This update enables the following support...


- Dual front-of-room screen support in Teams mode (already supported in Skype mode).

   Note: An online server side change will be made once the update is released 100% to the field.  Consequently, users may notice feature availability after the SRSv2 devices receives the update.  We'll be working to enable the experience as quickly as possible. [Nov 20 Note: server side setting is now enabled. A device restart is required for the change to apply.]

- Enhanced support for suppressing Windows notifications in user mode (changes made to ensure that notifications only appear in admin mode)


As of December 6th, the package is available for download using the CreateSRSMedia script.


Dual front-of-room screen support in Teams is something we've been waiting for, I hope that the server-side update will come soon.


JFYI... I just updated the article above - we're confirmed live at 10% release coverage.

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Hello, @David Groom, did you have the plan to include the ability to launch some UWP application ? Here we want to used SRS but we cannot for the moment because it Don't have Whiteboard. If we can add the new Microsoft whiteboard application it's a huge advantage for SRS. For now we use Kickle product but too much problem with this solution :(
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@David Groom

Where is the MSI version of this update????


How can we possibly test it if you don't post it publicly?


The link in the Package: https://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?linkid=851168 is still only SRSDeploymentKit-
And the link in the windows store is still:

@Cedric Carre We announced inking and whiteboard editing capabilities in the roadmap talk at Ignite a couple months ago.  For more info, please see Slide #24 in the presentation posted here.


@Kevin Krautle We are working on getting the package posted.  I'll update this blog once the msi is confirmed posted.  Our process is to push the update first and then post the msi package.  Thank you!

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@David Groom


Does that mean that we will have the same experience on a Surface HUB device (version 1) for a Skype For Business Video meeting as with a MS Team Video meeting, where the camera auto-switches?

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Hi @David Groom, what is the ETA on the server side change needed for dual screen?



@Ivar Engen - Server side settings should now be enabled.  Please let me know if dual screen FoR in Teams mode works for you now. [A device restart is required for the change to apply.]

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@David Groom, works well! Tested both sharing using the HDMI connected to the SRS as well as sharing as a meeting attendee/presenter; both times content was shared in the Teams meeting and appeared on the second screen! Thanks!!



@Ivar Engen Thank you for the confirmation.  Very helpful!

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Any plans to add flexibility to layouts for dual screen setup?


Only thing holding us back from deploying - with our traditional Polycom kits we can spread parties across the displays (eg when not sharing content  

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Hi everyone!

Just wanted to share with the community here, that Lenovo Hub 500 have a critical issue - they go to BSOD regularly during video calls. We have ~200 Lenovo units and almost every unit face this issue. Very frustrating. The issue is caused by video driver, but Lenovo and Intel have not provided a fix so far. You may take this into account when considering Lenovo Hub 500 procurement.

[UPDATE]: Both Lenovo and Intel worked really hard to develop a fix for this issue, and it has been resolved.


@Pavel Aivazov Do you have a Microsoft customer support ticket number you send me via private message?

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@David Groom, will send it shortly

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@David Groom We are experiencing an issue with the Teams setup on our Logitech SmartDock systems where if we initiate a call, we are not able to dial touch tones; there is no dial pad as there is in Skype mode. 


This is an issue when a third party has invited someone on our team to a conference call with a dial in.  They are able to dial the conference call number but when prompted to enter the access code or pin, etc. they are not able to enter this because there is no option on Teams mode. 


Can you please let us know if this is something that is known? Is there any workaround? 

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I have the same issue as @ScottH! Cant initiate any calls by the touch screen when using teams.


Anyone have any idea?

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maybe someone have info how to fix self camera size ? Have same problem like this article:


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Hello everyone,

I'm encountering an issue with HP Slice Elite G2 SRS with this version. While on call, the LED ring supposed to turn to green (or red if you mute the PIC) does not work any more.


Any thoughts ?


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Hey everyone,  just like to make a request.


Could we please get some better documentation and creation work flow for SRS?  The current state of affairs of the SRS system feels very discombobulated.  Initially I was able to create a srs usb, then came the new powershell script and all the links to what you actually need got removed from the technet.


Some my skype units had problems and I needed to reset them and it became a lot of work to create updated media that actually works.   I had to waste a lot of time trying to get everything working again.  Its hard to recommend the srs at the moment as the administration of it is just a pain even for IT professionals.


I would just like more effort put into the support part of SRS so that it becomes more stable.





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 Sorry I'm just starting to play around with SmartDock, could someone provide more info/instruction about how to download the new version of the skype room system?


Kind regards



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Hi @David Groom,

This is causing a lot of issues for our business as we don't have the hardware to support and cannot find a way to remove this notification. Can someone please suggest a way that the "Add this room to a meeting with your personal devices" notification can be removed?