As you heard on the recent SOF Overview Webcast, we are continuing to update SOF. We are using this blog to highlight recent additions. This week, we are focussing on the SOF Outcomes Workshop to share additional context and background that we believe will enhance your SOF experience.


Overview of the SOF Outcomes Workshop

This workshop introduces the key outcomes that should be met to deliver Skype for Business with quality and reliability, driving adoption and user satisfaction.




Customers and partners of any size should leverage the SOF Outcomes Workshop to understand what must be achieved on their journey to success through the lens of plan, deliver and operate.


How does this workshop help me?

We know that SOF currently provides a wealth of practical guidance and there is a need for guidance overview at a level that customers and partners can use to evaluate their own projects and understand how SOF can directly help them.


This workshop provides that SOF summary. We leveraged the key phases of Plan, Deliver and Operate to provide an all-up summary of the outcomes per phase, and then delve one level deeper to view the individual outcomes and their associated activities on a per-stage level.


We encourage you to walk through the deck starting with the Plan phase considering your current project, then review and understand the all-up Plan outcomes, to determine whether your project has met these outcomes. If these are not met for the Plan phase, then looking at the next level outcomes is a great way to understand how and where to start your SOF journey.


You can then start to investigate the next Phases of Deliver and Operate. The figure below shows the all-up outcomes for Plan on the left-hand side and then provides the next level of detail in the table, plus the aligned activities.


sof plan.png


So, let’s say that your project evaluation shows that you must start with Envision, and you have an existing on-premises deployment. Your next step is to leverage the Cloud Migration Journey from our Get Started page.

journey type.png

From here, you can learn about how to start your Envisioning tasks.


migration workflow.png

We hope that you find this workshop useful to help start your SOF journey. We recorded the workshop delivery and added speaker notes in the workshop deck to provide additional guidance.

We look forward to your feedback and community discussions on how this helped you engage with SOF.


The following are resources to consider at the start of your SOF Journey:

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