Skype Room Systems v2: known perf issue for Surface Pro (2017)-based devices
Published May 08 2018 10:49 PM 12K Views

Skype Room Systems v2 devices based on the Surface Pro (2017) tablet may observe performance issues under meeting conditions where a combination of HDMI wired ingest sharing, dual front-of-room displays, and multiple remote video streams are being used.  Repro symptoms may not appear for 15 to 30 minutes after HDMI wired ingest sharing begins. Local symptoms of such performance issues include slow touch console keyboard response and dropped meetings.  Remote attendees may notice the room video rendered at a lower frame rate than normal.


Possible workarounds to alleviate these symptoms include:

- Desktop sharing into the meeting via the Skype for Business application (as a replacement for HDMI wired ingest).

- Reducing the front-of-room display configuration from dual to single screen.


The same symptoms have not been reproduced on Surface Pro 4 and non-Surface Pro-based systems.


Resolution: The Skype Room Systems Engineering Team is investigating a software-based solution to resolve this issue.  Release date for a potential fix is not determined.  I will keep this thread updated with any late-breaking changes in status.

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